Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Stained glass at Sacred Heart Church

Two stained glass windows seen on Sunday gone in the Sacred Heart Church on Richmond Street, Port of Spain, and below, a close-up of the plaque telling who the donor was and who the window is in memory of. They set me to thinking, about life after death and all sorts of related things, but I haven't got the thoughts sorted out yet and if I did probably wouldn't say, so the pictures are just for the record.


Duncan Astbury said...

I don't think of myself as religious, I recognize faith as a concept but don't have faith myself. That said I like traditional churches and I love stained glass windows. I am always playing around with ways to photograph them, for example the inside and out side shots in this blog post

Mary said...

Thanks Duncan. My photos are snapshots with the simplest camera that I could find on the internet, would like to have been able to get the walls darker for a greater contrast with the light and colour of the glass, as in your more professional shots. Your inside and outside photos make a good pair.

Duncan Astbury said...

Just read this by Ansel Adams:

"I am not a churchgoer, but I admire the temples of belief when it is obvious they represent depth of devotion and integrity of style. Above all, I believe it is essential that those who photograph architecture should know something about its qualities".

From "The Making of 40 Photographs", my review at