Saturday, December 18, 2010

A landmark

Untitled (Free), mixed media on board, 50 x 75 cm

On Wednesday this week, after two intense years, I sent the last assignment of OCA's Painting 3 Advanced to my tutor. It's the last course for the degree, so this marks the end of that phase (still have the assessment process to get through). I often felt this point would never come, that I wouldn't make it or would be unable to finish the course for one reason or another, life catching up and so on.  It's a relief to have got here.

In the OCA system you finish up with a programme of study that you design yourself, which is supposed to take a year. I underestimated how much time my course would need and it stretched to two full roller-coaster years.  I've alienated a few friends and neglected or postponed numerous things along the way in a single-minded drive to get it done. It would have been a waste not to finish the job after investing the first four years, but I didn't expect it to take so long or to take over my life the way it did.

To make a long story short, and in appreciation to my friends and family who read and follow this blog, here is a link to some of the work. It's a selection of paintings and studies, mixed up together, some with the paint not yet dry.

I had put in a link to a folder of some work but after reflection have taken it out again. In the OCA system a tutor comments on the assignments as you go along, but no marking is done and no grades are given until the final assessment, that is, after the course is finished, so I am rather nervous about this lot, only too well aware that it may fall short of what is required. It will be a bit of a nail-biter but I will let you all know how it goes, one way or the other.


Mark said...


I have two assignments to finish my last level 3 in writing - and it has taken me much longer than four years.

I shall look at the picassa album now. I wonder how I will feel when it is all over

Mark said...

I have just looked at the web album - some great work there. I especially liked the abstracts - and Savanna rain. Serious painting!

Lynx said...

Mary - good luck with the submission - having looked at your selected pictures, I think you've done really well. I haven't seen your abstracts before - I love them. Does this mean you are finishing OCA, or are you planning to do any other modules for fun?
Anyway, best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

Eileen said...

Congratulations on making it to the end. I've looked at the pictures you posted and am very impressed. I like your palette - the blue/green and cream/yellow combinations work wonderfully. I like all the landscapes, and also particularly enjoyed the texture work in your abstracts. Looking forward to hearing how you get on. Fingers crossed (though I'm sure you don't need luck).



Camille King said...

Congrats Mary! I am sure you are relieved to be done and also sure you learned a lot. Good for you!

Jennie McGinlay said...

Hello Mary,
Well done! I had no idea you were so close to finishing the whole thing. Even with the assessment hurdle still to get through, you must be very proud - especially given the LENGTH of the courses! Fantastic news and Happy New Year!
Jennie McG