Sunday, December 27, 2009

Some figures

Subscribers to Drawing etc (email and RSS combined) = 60 (accurate figure), up from about 30 at the beginning of the year (a guess).

Blogs that I subscribe to = 24 (not counting the sidebar list and blogs I follow).

Total page views since Drawing etc started in August 2006 -- 30,969.

Due for a spring-clean = the OCA Bloggers list in the sidebar. Many of the photography blogs have not been updated in months.

Spring-clean already done = my studio. Hundreds of old drawings and paintings thrown out. No regrets.

Empty pages remaining in main sketchbook = 59, out of a total of 220. It's a thick hardcover 8.5 x 11" sketchbook, both sides of each page used. Photos of the filled pages are in private sets on Flickr. Not sure what this measures, perhaps how close I am to the end of my current course, though I'm less sure lately of being able to finish it at all.


Sheila said...

It is funny how one tends to do house keeping when the topic of finishing the course comes into play. I too have been doing figures of late and completion seems a long way off.

Mary said...

Hi Sheila . . . I wonder if the course is long or if it's the nature of level 3? Or a bit of both maybe?

Sheila said...

Hi Mary, Seasons greetings. Definitely a bit of both I think. In my case I think, that however much I love all of it; after nearly five years of studying sometimes I'm just bloody tired! I've needed some meeee and family time lately. This is a testing time for me. It must be extra difficult for you, are you not doing both modules?

Mary said...

I started Advanced at the end of Nov 2008 and completed YOE in January this year so they overlapped for a few months. I too am feeling tired and understand how you are feeling. You're building up a good portfolio Sheila, maybe you could do with a week or two off?

Sheila said...

Its sounds as if you can see the light at the end of the tunnel,although there is always a lot to do when completing. I've had time off here and there and don't think I need a holiday but my routine has completely gone out of the window due to life changes . When that happens it doesn't seem to be finding time thats a problem but starting a good discipline again, however, I know I can. After coming so far it is impossible to stop.
Hope you have a happy new year Mary;)