Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Twiddling thumbnails

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It was on TV over the weekend, the PGA Championship, Thursday to Sunday as everyone knows who follows golf which I don't really except by the way. So I did a page of these little thumbnails, trying to keep a frame in mind as the cameras moved around. Actually, the thing that impresses me about golf is the perfection of the golf courses -- all that space, all that landscape, immaculately kept. A lot of muddled thoughts come piling in. I need to sort them out.


Finchley land girl said...

Hi Mary,
What fun this series is. Are you thinking of developing them into larger pieces? The rhythm developed between the thumbnails would also work as a pattern for a textile.
I hope you enjoyed watching the golf too.

Mary said...

Hi Claudine. I think these were on Saturday and I did another page on Sunday in colour with felt pen (will post) but actually like these better. I'm still thinking about what to do with them.

Duncan Astbury said...

Makes me think of a comic book.

michelle tappin said...

hi mary,
i was wondering where you had gone. I like your thumbnails.Maybe you could turn them into prints. smile


Mary said...

That's an idea mich, might do it in truth.