Friday, August 25, 2006

Memory of a seminar

This is a memory drawing of a group of people at a seminar. The seminar was called Exploring Ideas about Objects and Images, and it was held in 2004 at CCA7. The drawing was done a few hours after the first session. Some of the people are: at top left, Leon, the tutor, or my inept memory of him at that time; at right, two well-known Trinidadian artists; and that’s me at bottom left. The course consisted of one three-hour session a week for four weeks and we had to do research in between. It was brilliant, one of the most electrifying learning experiences I’ve ever had. What was it about? Well, generally it was in the field of art history or art appreciation, and within that it was whatever you wanted it to be. I wanted to have a better understanding of conceptual art and by the end of the course that’s what I had.

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