Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A home-made portfolio

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This is a rough and ready portfolio made out of cardboard and canvas offcuts. It fits artwork up to 18 x 12" and I use it to send work to my OCA tutor, in a padded and waterproof envelope of the biggest size in the shop. In fact the biggest-size envelope isn't big enough, it needs a small extension, again made of cardboard and fixed to the envelope with duct tape. For the portfolio itself I prefer canvas offcuts and white glue because duct tape is so sticky that it can be a nuisance, for instance inside the pocket.  

The portfolio isn't pretty but it's functional and it easily accommodates twenty sheets or more. The top edge has a cardboard flap, and since taking this photo I've added a canvas strip from the flap to the front of the pocket, to prevent anything from falling out at the top if the portfolio is inadvertantly handled upside down.

Added Feb 12, 2012: I've put an improved version of the portfolio at It's a PDF with step-by-step pictures showing how it's made.


Carol Anne Stimpson said...

Hmmm... a very good idea Mary. I think I'll try it myself - my pieces are getting bigger and outgrowing envelopes.

You are full of good ideas :0)


Mary said...

Thanks Carol! I have a few of these now. This one has just gone off in the post again with Assignment 3 of Printmaking 1 which was on hold while finishing Painting 3. I've added velcro to the canvas strip mentioned above, it secures the strip to the front of the pocket and is really neat. It's the kind with adhesive on the back where you peel off a piece of paper. Incredibly useful stuff!