Thursday, December 24, 2009

Pianist continued

I was trying to develop the pianist drawing today. I aimed to make the legs longer and develop the head and arm, but the original drawing was done in the dark and was incomplete with wrong proportions so I don't have enough information. Not sure I will take it any further, it's a digression at the moment and I'm trying to focus my energy on my current course. It was interesting to get away from course work for a while. These took about an hour each.

Acrylic and marker in A4 sketchbook

Charcoal and pastel, 11 x 14"

[Countdown: Empty pages in main sketchbook = 62]


Mark said...

It is the stance of the pianist I like best - have you thought of doing a theme and variation experiment, using that shape / profile?

Mary said...

Might do that Mark, thanks. I could use a lay figure I have here to fill in the gaps in the drawing.