Sunday, December 13, 2009

The solution

The event was The Marionettes Chorale Christmas show at Queen's Hall, a popular annual event, which I went to on Sunday December 6th, with pocket-size sketchbook.

The audience was in darkness while the performers on stage were well lit.

The pianist: Justin Salloum; the pannist: Johann Chuckaree. They played a lovely piece together, would it be called a duet? -- and they looked at each other often, nodding or making signs, and I thought it was a really nice and touching performance, the highlight of the show.

A Google search on "Christmas concert Trinidad" (without the quotes) brought up this link on the second page. Of the three concerts mentioned the only one with a pianist and a pannist was the Marionettes. Since I knew what I was looking for, you could cry foul!

Then I tried a search on "Christmas concert Trinidad pianist pannist" and got nothing.

Then tried again with "Christmas concert Trinidad pianist" and the Newsday link above came up first in the list!

Thanks to Duncan, Mark, Bri and Finchley land girl for taking part, and have a great Christmas everyone!

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