Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dream on

Pink Poui, acrylic and oil pastel, 9 x 12", March 2010

Last night I dreamt that I had a show at a restaurant which I had never been in before. I can't identify the place though I might be able to draw it, it was L-shaped with a side room. Neither can I remember ever meeting the gallery owner who was in her forties and blonde. At the end, as everyone was leaving, I asked her how we did and she said everything sold out!!! And then I woke up.


Finchley land girl said...

Dear Mary,

Great dream; what a disappointment not to be true!

All the best


Mark said...

Yes, but had they taken the usual 50% commission? Or was it more, in which case it was probably a good job you woke up!

Mary said...

ha ha -- wish I'd seen these at the time!