Monday, August 27, 2012

An altered book

A first try at an altered book. The hardest part was finding a suitable book to alter. This one was an abridged edition of The Three Musketeers and it fitted the bill because I've never been keen on abridged editions. I feel it's better to read the book as the author wrote it -- because it's not the story that counts so much, it's how it's written. Altering the book was enjoyable to do, I was lost in it for a few days, in the zone.

P.S. If the YouTube video above is not showing up please use this link:


Anonymous said...

Interesting to see how you did it Mary. I've acquired a couple of old books. I originally intended to use the covers to make a new book but never got around to it. Is the tile of the book important do you think?

Mary said...

Hi Catherine -- everything about the chosen book has the potential to inspire an artistic response, that's one of the fascinating things about this genre. I was surprised at how fertile this way of working can be and had more than one epiphany while doing it.
Thanks for commenting.

Eileen said...

This is fascinating Mary. I've watched the video a number of times and keep finding more to see, layers and layers of potential meaning. Wonderful!

Mary said...

Thanks Eileen, I'm glad you found it interesting.

The bike shed said...

Oh I liked that - I mean I really really liked that. The video is simple but fab.

I have not come across the idea before but it is full of possibilities - would make a great gift to the right sort of person who'd appreciate it.


P.S. Graduation from OCA on Tuesday - can't quite believe it!

Mary said...

Thanks! And congrats on your graduation.