Thursday, November 29, 2012

Time taken to do the OCA degree

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Belatedly, this table shows the total time taken to do the OCA Painting degree: 5 years and 8 months from receiving the first course to finishing the last one, excluding assessment. I saved almost two years by doing two courses concurrently in level 1 and level 2. The letter with the final result arrived in the post on April 12, 2011, exactly six years to the day after starting.

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Duncan Astbury said...

I guess everyone will have their own time-scales but getting to the end after any duration is an achievement. And of course now the OCA have introduced the overall course time limit.

Funny, I looked back at one of your older posts and saw a comment of mine saying I doubted I would continue with more modules but here I am on L3. I note how many more months you spent on L3 than the others and suspect I have an awful lot of work to do.

Anonymous said...

This really shows the amount of dedication required to complete the Degree and I think you did well to tackle two courses at the same time Mary. Are you still working on the MA?


Mary said...

Hi Duncan, long time no see. I think I found the Advanced Painting course the most productive of all the OCA courses but it's a personal thing because you design it yourself. My course turned out to be lengthy even though it looked straightforward. I reckon it was a sign that my design was good, because it took me to many unexpected and productive places which had not happened with the earlier courses. When it got to be too long I was wondering if I could skip some but didn't because one of the overall learning outcomes is that you carry out what you've said you will do.

Mary said...

Hi Catherine and thanks for commenting. I'm enjoying finding my own way in painting and printmaking at present, and also in teaching, which was one of my reasons for doing the degree, to be qualified in the subject. All these are keeping me fully occupied. I might think about an MA later on though it's unlikely.


The bike shed said...

Faster than my writing degree which took me nearly ten years, but then I had some years off .

Great achievement though - well done you.

I wonder are you now feeling a little lost over what to do next? I am.