Sunday, February 14, 2010

A question in waiting

New window, graphite in A4 sketchbook

Some day soon the question will demand an answer: why not post more of my sketchbook drawings in here? On  checking it turns out I've been posting only about one per month when in fact I do about twenty times that. It could be many reasons, but reflecting on the question could turn out to be a learning experience in itself.

[Countdown: empty pages in main sketchbook = 24]

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Nothing else to post so here's half of an iceberg lettuce.

Pencil in 8-5 x 11" sketchbook

[Countdown: Empty pages remaining in main sketchbook = 29]

I'm going to miss this sketchbook when it's full. I've been drawing in it regularly for a year and it's jam-packed with both sides of the pages filled. I'll be moving on to an A3 sketchbook by Utrecht, hardcover with recycled paper of a lovely oatmeal colour and about half-full. This has a whole mish-mash of stuff in it, some research-type stuff and some real sketches. But the real sketches are mostly stuck in. I just don't seem able to manage the A3 book outdoors, it's really unwieldy. So what I've done a few times is to cut out the pages and stick them back in afterwards. What I've learnt from this is that A3 sketchbooks are fine for working outdoors as long as they're spiral bound.