Thursday, February 24, 2011

Crowded drawing 4

I'm hesitant to put this here, it's such a mess but I'm not planning to do anything else to it. None of the crowded drawings are meant to be presentation standard, they're personal explorations, groping around, mostly in the dark. If I do any more I think I'd do them on separate sheets and not in a sketchbook. It's an interesting way to go about a drawing, having no idea where you're headed, just filling the page and overfilling it, disregarding which way is up, adding things willy nilly as they happen so that it's partly a record of day to day existence. This one is partly painted over with white acrylic and I found myself not wanting to paint over some parts and I'm trying to decide whether to just do it, do something I really like and then paint over it -- would that be good for the soul?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Crowded drawing No. 3

Crowded drawing No. 3, pen, graphite and collage.

Not sure this one is crowded enough, I may have stopped too early. Also it's become too symmetrical which I didn't want. On the plus side, it works the other way up as well:

Still like the first one best. It was on a smaller page (8.5 x 11") which I don't have any of right now.This one here is 9.5 x 12". It's not that much bigger, it should be able to work, will probably try another.