Monday, September 13, 2010

Back home now

Back home now and have just remembered that I didn't post anything last week, after posting once a week while on holiday which is way higher than my usual rate. It was because of all the museum and gallery visits, and the opportunity to write them up -- not something I really enjoy doing but it's advisable for the logbook.

In the second-to-last week I made a day-trip to Liverpool to the Walker Gallery to see Peter Doig's Blotter. The gallery was quiet and I spent an hour and a half with the painting, to my own surprise. I wouldn't normally do that to see just one painting but it was necessary because my essay is on him. Tate Britain has two of his paintings, Echo Lake and Ski Jacket, but unfortunately they're in storage, not on display. I applied for an appointment to see them but didn't hear back before leaving. So it was the Walker or nothing. I'm glad I went, the trip was well worth the time and effort. (The painting is under glass, the diagonal green line at upper left of the photo is a reflection of the gallery lights).

Peter Doig, Blotter, oil on canvas, Walker Gallery, Liverpool.

The last week was hectic in other ways. I met an OCA buddy, we talked for four hours solid. Absolutely the way to go for isolated distance-learning students out there, online doesn't do it at all. This was the fourth or fifth time I'd met a fellow student in person, after making contact through the website, and it just makes a huge difference and is worth going out of one's way for. Even to another city. So a big hi to my OCA buddies, it was wonderful meeting you all and hope it's not too long before we meet again.

The last item was a return visit to the British Museum to see the Parthenon marbles. You might think one would be jaded after seeing so much art over the eight weeks, but no . . . they are so incredible, so moving, it was the best possible way to end a fantastic trip.