Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Mary Adam, Maracas Bay, graphite, 9 x 12"

 A drawing from a photo of the sea at Maracas after an ASTT plein air session on a recent Saturday, 9 x 12" sketchbook. The one below was done while there on the day in a small sketchbook. It was very fascinating to sit there in a small patch of shade contemplating the endless movement of the sea.

Mary Adam, Maracas, gouache, approx 5 x 8"

[Edited 22/3/2012, photo of Maracas drawing replaced]

Friday, February 3, 2012

Set-up for printing a collagraph

Work table ready for printing a collagraph. This is one way to lay it out, there are many other ways. In this case the work flow is from right to left but it could just as well be left to right.

Clockwise from top right:
Inks -- several tubes of ink in different colours.
Glass plate for mixing and rolling inks.
The collagraph block -- various things glued to a piece of cardboard. Ink will be rolled over it while it's on the newspaper, then it will be moved to the printing area.
A board -- this is an old canvas board that I use for printing. It has registration strips or guides securely glued on. When ready to print I put a sheet of the printing paper up against the strips and then glue it to the board. Then I center the printing block on the paper and mark the outline in pencil. This helps to get the block in the right place after each inking.
A baren -- for pressing on the back of the paper to transfer the ink from the block.
Brayers (2) -- small rubber rollers for rolling out the ink and inking the block.