Monday, August 27, 2012

An altered book

A first try at an altered book. The hardest part was finding a suitable book to alter. This one was an abridged edition of The Three Musketeers and it fitted the bill because I've never been keen on abridged editions. I feel it's better to read the book as the author wrote it -- because it's not the story that counts so much, it's how it's written. Altering the book was enjoyable to do, I was lost in it for a few days, in the zone.

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

From Paul Klee's diaries

Paul Klee 1911. Photo by Alexander Eliasberg from Wikipedia.
June 1903 [...] "Toward the end of the month I prepared engravings; first, invented appropriate drawings. Not that I want to become a specialist now. But painting with its failures cries out for the relief of minor successes. Nowadays I am a very tired painter, but my skill as a draftsman holds up."
From The Diaries of Paul Klee
 Black Columns in a Landscape 1919 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.