Saturday, December 20, 2008

Words and pictures at the V&A

These are some sketchbook pages from an OCA sketchbook workshop that I attended in London at the Victoria and Albert Museum on October 12, 2008. In the afternoon session we had a choice of projects and most people including myself chose the "Walk around the V&A" option, drawing as we went. My aim was to do as many quick drawings as I could, of whatever caught my eye. The drawings and the notes tell their own story so here they are. The notes can be made big enough to read by clicking on the images to enlarge, though I can't say the same for the handwriting.


Gesa said...

Hm... looks good and like a good workshop. I had seen that one. I want to do one of them over the next year - there are a couple in Edinburgh. The V&A is such a great space for wandering and wondering.
Have a very good time over the holidays... the German expression for the time between xmas and new year is 'between the years', I'm always rather fond of it.

Mary said...

Thanks Gesa -- it was a good workshop and an eye-opener -- the tutor brought some sample sketchbooks which were amazing, works of art in themselves. Another good thing was meeting other OCA students in person, a different subset from the website. Happy holidays to you too.