Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Two kinds of sketchbooks

Looking through my sketchbook for something to post, I found this pencil drawing of Joseph Beuys's coyote from I like America, America Likes Me (video), done many months ago, approx A4.

These days my sketchbooks look more like the one below, a combination sketchbook/journal/logbook. with things stuck in at will and still evolving.


Duncan Astbury said...

I think the topic of logs runs and runs. When I kept my OCA AOP log it was very much with assessment in mind, I have not really hit upon a style that actually works for me (I will find out if it works for them shortly). I think a blog as a log would suit me better for text notes and for photos taken and I may set up a log specifically for the next course and nothing else, but what to do about photo ideas? I can often visualise ideas for photographs but my ability to sketch is very limited. Perhaps I should invent my own notation...?

Mary said...

Thanks Duncan. This is an area where I feel literally lost for words and the best i could do was the two pictures. The second one is for a specific project, with little drawings and compositional and colour studies, notes, other people's work that might have had a similar intention or subject and so on. I've only recently started doing this sort of sketchbook, since attending a workshop, and in view of the new OCA guidelines, and I'm stlll feeling my way and trying to figure out by trial and error how the methods will work for me. Wish I could be more articulate about it. I'd like to continue the other kind of sketchbook as well, where the real drawing takes place (more observation, less design).