Sunday, June 16, 2013

Some recent work

For the past year or so I've been working on several projects at once. I think of the projects as lines of enquiry, or planks, and they're all related though seemingly very different visually. Basically I'm exploring the mysterious world of plants through different media -- drawing, painting, printmaking, and collage. Here is some of the work:

Mary Adam, Apple with leaves, acrylic on stretched canvas, 8 x 8"
Mary Adam, Blue flowers, acrylic on stretched canvas, 8 x 8"

Mary Adam, Mind and body, collage

Mary Adam, Heart of the matter, coloured pencil 

Mary Adam, Plant Life 1, mixed printmaking techniques
The second-to-last one is based on a drawing of an Acalypha species from my series of wild flower drawings done in the 80s. A previous post on the series might help to explain some of the things going on here ...


Susanna Lambeck said...

Great work, Mary. Great exploration. Looks very thoughtful. Like you are taking your time, taking it all in. Very nice!

Mary said...

Thanks Susanna. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to think and explore in this way. What I'm finding is that each medium lends itself to expressing different things. I'm an intuitive type of painter but the collage in this post (also the drawing) has a cerebral side to it which challenges me in a way that is different to painting, and I enjoy that. Printmaking is different again. It's something I didn't realise before, not to this extent anyway. There's a concern that the work as a whole might be seen as disjointed -- it's not to me, so I'm not letting it worry me for now.