Friday, June 7, 2013

To post or not to post?

One of the things that limits how often I post on this blog is whether posting my new work constitutes "showing" the work. "Showing" usually means showing in an exhibition, that's how people generally interpret it. Does showing on a blog count the same as showing in a bricks and mortar gallery? And does it matter, you may ask? It turns out it does matter, because juried group shows may require the work that is submitted to be "not previously shown." So if showing on a blog counts as "previously shown", that work would be ruled out of certain juried shows, depending on the rules of the particular organisation. Recently when I asked the organisers of an upcoming exhibition about it, the answer was a definite yes: posting in a blog or website counts as "previously shown".

After thinking about it for a while, I've decided to post new work as I go along, especially the smaller pieces. Otherwise it has to be kept under wraps for too long a time. If an exhibition prohibits works shown on blogs or websites, I will refrain from submitting that work. As it is, my studio is full of new work done over the past 18 months that is waiting to be seen, somewhere.

Taking a position on this became more pressing for me recently because of listing work on eBay. There are other sites too which I've been looking at, each with its own strengths -- DailyPaintworks is one (I'm not on there yet, will be soon), and I've had a page on Saatchi Online for a while and need to build it up. All of them need to be fed regularly. Therefore I think it's best for me not to be worrying about possible rules and restrictions (which could change at any time), and to feel free to post work here and on other sites. It signifies a slight change in direction which I hope will be interesting for readers of the blog.

Mary Adam, Anthuriums, oil on canvas, 20 x 16" (?)

This one was a case in point, it was submitted to the Art Society of Trinidad & Tobago for the May "Belle Eau" exhibition, and will be touring to Point Lisas in (I think) July. I'm not certain if it's 16 x 20" or 18 x 24" and am unable to measure it right now.


Susanna Sweeney said...

Love this painting, . What a great composition, and what subtle colours. Well done!!!

Unknown said...

Interesting point about previously shown work, Mary. As you say too, online galleries may contravene some show rules. I hadn't thought very much about this prior to reading your blog. Advice I've received about showing is trying to roll over from one show to the next so that you are constantly exposed, but this may mean that some of the work may be the same in several exhibitions. I haven't quite got to that stage yet! Hope your painting wows them at the Art Society shows. All the best Claudine