Thursday, February 10, 2011

Crowded drawing No. 3

Crowded drawing No. 3, pen, graphite and collage.

Not sure this one is crowded enough, I may have stopped too early. Also it's become too symmetrical which I didn't want. On the plus side, it works the other way up as well:

Still like the first one best. It was on a smaller page (8.5 x 11") which I don't have any of right now.This one here is 9.5 x 12". It's not that much bigger, it should be able to work, will probably try another. 

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Unknown said...

Some lovely elements in this work. For me, it works better the 'wrong' way up. I think that's because the teeth section has a different weight and colour from the rest of the page as well as a strong graphic element, all of which slightly unbalance the work when it's in the prominent top right position. Whereas when it's bottom left the balance changes quite significantly.