Thursday, April 21, 2011

Who's who

Who's Who, mixed media, 12 x 16 ins
I did this for a change of pace in September 2010. It started as a doodle and after a while one thing led to another and I got lost in it which is always a nice thing to happen. There should be some familiar faces in there, if not then it's very badly drawn.

These are contemporary artists drawn from a UK magazine. I don't think either of them is recognizable but I like how the two drawings complement each other.

Added 23/4: These are the "originals" in the top drawing clockwise from top left:


Michelle Tappin said...

Hi, Ireally like this. I think I recognize Frida. Don't know the others but I' m sure if I did I'd recognize them too.

Mary Adam said...

Hi Michelle, that's Frida in there alright. I've put a list of the links to the "originals" in the main body of the post.

Carol Anne Stimpson said...

Vincent and Andy Warhol? Nice sketch - I like the incorporation of the text with it.