Monday, August 29, 2011

Looking back and looking forward

Mary Adam, Savannah Rain study, A4

Looking back over the last few months I've been doing too much, if that's possible, and yet not achieving enough. The degree result came on April 12. Since then I've made a couple of complex prints plus a whole lot of small experimental prints; researched and written a paper on the length of the OCA painting courses; filled well over a hundred sketchbook pages; made a couple of short videos as preparation for online art teaching (if anyone happens to find them, please give them a thumbs up if you like them); painted a number of small still lifes, some of which are junk and some I'm pleased with; had a linocut accepted by the National Museum for the "Women and Art" exhibition (proud of that, it's in the catalogue); had a couple of personal setbacks; finished, sent and got back the third assignment for Printmaking 1 with great tutor feedback; and started two new websites. Now it's time to take stock and get some idea where I'm heading. Not to beat around the bush, this blog might go quiet for a while. But probably not for long, I just need some time to think. Not complaining, it's an ok place to be.


Unknown said...

Wow Mary, sounds like a very ok place to be. Well done on all your achievements and good luck with the online teaching

Anonymous said...

You've been so busy Mary and achieved so much. I think it's a really good idea of yours to slow down awhile to take a breath of fresh air and come back bursting with energy. Yes - wishing you the best of luck with the online teaching.


Mary Adam said...

Thanks Sheila and Catherine. Sheila, I've been following your blog ... is it two years now?... and can see you're almost there. Here's hoping you can get it into the November assessment. You have done tons and tons of work, way beyond the call of duty, you'll be fine, just go for it.

Unknown said...

Hi Mary
I'm going for the March assignment as I still need to send my 5th tutorial. This gives me time to tidy up loose ends.
I think I might be 80 when I get the degree.

Anonymous said...


Marrissa said...

Hello Mary.
You've been quite the busy little bee! Wish I could manage my artistic life as well as you seem to have been able to. Look forward to seeing your online teaching videos.