Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Year-end figures

Subscribers (email and RSS) = 113 (last year = 95)

Total page views for the year = 15,096 (last year = 15,933)

Posts for 2011 = 34 (last year = 34)

Exhibitions: After five years of not exhibiting because of studying for a degree, this year I've had new work in five group shows from April onwards (the National Museum show from April to June, Women in Art annual exhibition in October-November, The Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago annual exhibition  November-December, Y Art Gallery Christmas show, and Soft Box Studios End of Year show), altogether about 12 pieces.

Yet another blog: I've started a new blog linked to my art classes website. It's mainly for announcements of upcoming workshops, additions to the website, new videos if any, etc. Partly so as not to clutter Drawing etc with things for which it wasn't intended.

Some of this year's work

28.12.2011: Post was edited to correct dates of exhibitions.


Anonymous said...

An eventful year Mary with lots achieved. Seasons Greetings and wishing you luck, health and happiness in the New Year.


Mary Adam said...

Thanks Catherine and the same to you.

The bike shed said...

I always like coming over to your blog - and great that you are exhibiting.

Are you staying with OCA a while longer, or moving on?

I have transfered to the creative writing degree which means I need to pick up some more level one points to complete - even though I have finished two level 2 and two level 3 creative writing courses -and achieved a 'first class' in all of them - big cheer. It may be I can get an exemption but either way I quite like doing the courses and fancy learning more about poetry this year.