Sunday, December 18, 2011

JSTOR early content

Just stumbled on this a while ago: JSTOR has made some of its content available free to the world at large. The relevant content is pre-1923 in the USA and pre-1870 in the rest of the world. I've had a peek, will have to go back when there's time. It could be useful for projects with a historical element or slant.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this link Mary. It looks very interesting. Unfortunately Photography doesn't appear in the Disciplines but, hopefully, I'll find something relevant with other searches.

Seasons Greetings as well and all best wishes for the New Year.


Mary Adam said...

Hi Catherine and thanks. Although Photography doesn't have a category of its own there may be some photography-related journals under "Art & Art History"? Actually, going through the list in more detail it's relatively limited (no Modern Painters, for instance) which is something of a let-down. Although there's sure to be interesting material in there on any search.
All the best for Christmas and the new year.