Friday, January 21, 2011

Crowded drawing No. 2

Page 12, graphite, ink, pen, collage
This is another crowded drawing like the one in an earlier post (which I've renamed). The idea of crowding a page with many unrelated elements came from a book and when I tried it out I liked the way the bits started to relate to each other in unexpected ways. And it forces one away from the figure-ground mindset. It'a another of those handy tools for the mental toolkit, something that could help to break through a block for instance. This one, a piece here and a piece there over several days from magazines, newspaper and the internet, seems to me not as good as the first, it's become a little self-conscious and heavy and the pieces hardly relate at all. But the individual pieces I like. I'm working on another and will post it when done.


Tensyl said...

It has the feel of a Surrealist piece of work, particularly at the bottom. I liked it

The bike shed said...

Maybe you could rip this one up and start from a a fragment of it? That is technique I like to use

Mary Adam said...

Thanks Sylvia.

Mark, good idea, if it was loose it would be worth a try. I got a nice drawing once doing that. I collect exercises for the rainy day.