Saturday, January 15, 2011

Two drawings

A roll-up pencil holder
The first drawing is of a canvas roll-up pencil holder that I got in a sale. It's similar to a brush holder, and like a brush holder it's open at the top which allows things to fall out, though generally they don't. Unrolled, it has a row of loops for keeping in place pencils, pens, graphite sticks etc, and a couple of bigger loops for things like a sharpener or eraser, plus there's a safety flap at the "lower" end. It doesn't sound as if it would be effective but I really like having my drawing things in there and prefer it to a box. The finishing is nice but not flexible, there's only one size/position where it rolls up tight enough so that the snap fastener keeps everything inside.

Layered abstract drawing, crayon and acrylic on paper, A4
The next drawing is very different. It was done with alternating layers of crayon and acrylic paint. I had forgotten it and found it yesterday when going through the work done for the course. This is a nice kind of thing to do if one's mind feels particularly blank, one can keep going indefinitely, adding layers that conceal or partly conceal the marks underneath.

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