Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Croton reduction linocut 2

Croton linocut in progress, the yellow block

Supplies arrived yesterday and the yellow is printed (hand-burnished) and hanging up to dry. Now to cut the same block for the next colour. I'm expecting to lose a few to mistakes during printing, I hope not more than one per colour. 


Unknown said...

Good luck, Mary. Not done lino reduction, but have done silk screen and ended up losing more than I expected. Mind you, it was my first attempt..... Anyway, love the design I saw on the previous entry and looking forward to seeing the end result.

Duncan Astbury said...

An interesting technique, its great to see each stage as you do it. If it was me I think I would get increasingly stressed as I progressed but small mistakes can in some ways just add to the works individuality.

roberta said...

Hello Mary,
You've got an even, clear result, and I like the way the background marks have printed, looking forward to see it all build up as you add the next layers.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary,
I really enjoyed the lino cuts. I prefer to use eva foam though but I need to stick layers of them together for stability and to enable me to gouge rather than cut away entirely.