Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tree, Chaguaramas 2

Feeling I didn't know the tree well enough I decided to make some exploratory studies. First I played around with the drawing in Gimp (or do you say, The Gimp?), which I'm just starting to learn.

Tree, digital manipulation of drawing
Then I made a collage, in fact am still working on it, there are some changes from this afternoon which are not in the photo . . .  I have no definite plan in mind yet.

Tree, collage
Still don't know it well enough so I made a drawing from a photo taken at the same time. This has more detail and gives me more of a feel for the tree. Am thinking I need to go back to Chaguaramas and do another drawing and find out what species it is -- the trunk looks as if it might be a young Banyan?

Tree, graphite
Don't seem to be anywhere near a print yet, this could take a while, much more than two weeks. It has become very interesting to me and I want to take time to explore it, wherever it may lead.


Unknown said...

A lovely collection of images. I am really enjoying following your exploration of this subject. My favouries to date are the first sketch and then the digital version you made of it, though all the studies have fascinating elements.

I am in no position to suggestion an identification, but would say that the corkscrew growth pattern looks very much like trees I saw in TT (and which I have snaps of in my huge collection of unprocessed pictures). The tree I'm thinking of is a Shak-shak or Immortelle tree. I'm probably way off beam, but thought I'd mention just in case if was helpful.

James said...

Hi Mary

Thanks for your comment on my blog, I really appreciate it. I see your just ahead of me on drawing trees (didn't you start after me..'sob')

I like this sketch here; you have quite a free, fluid style which I tend towards. I particularly like the addition of lines that describe the form of the branches. Surprising what a few well placed lines can do -something i am sure you have noticed the old masters were rather good at.

Keep it up.


Unknown said...

Love the tree studies - looks like a really lovely interesting tree. I have just done trees in my drawing course and seemed to home in on the ones with character too! Haven't any idea what your one is though.

The bike shed said...

The collage is excellent. Have you ever tried lino printing with PVA in the ink - it makes for a strange, controlled randomisation (if that makes sense).

I used to make quick monoprints to try out ideas too - sometimes they were better than the finished work.

Mary Adam said...

Thanks everyone for the comments and encouragement. It's such a luxury being able to go about work in this way without worry about what assessors will think of it! (not to gloat or anything :-) I suppose in due course it will become worry about what potential collectors will think -- etc!

Anonymous said...

It's developing beautifully Mary and I'm enjoying seeing the process as it happens.