Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tree, Chaguaramas 3

Although I haven't been posting I'm working on the tree and have started cutting the blocks. This time I'm making a separate block for each colour and this is the "separation" for the black block:

The "Black" separation for the Tree linocut (shaded areas)

The shaded areas will be left on the block and will be printed with black ink, everything else will be cut away.

It's funny, twenty years ago in 1991, it was all in the day's work to do sophisticated colour separations on the computer, everything automated and fantastic quality. Today, along with millions of others, I'm working out which shape goes on which block with pen and paper, and cutting it laboriously by hand, shaving by shaving, and getting satisfaction and enjoyment from the process. I feel there's some deep lesson to be learned if I could only think what it is.


Anonymous said...

I've been thinking - maybe it's something to do with having a more personal touch with your creation so that you're really feeling the coordination between eye, hand, tools and material.

Unknown said...

Or more simply, a case of keeping in touch with your inner bipedal ape...!

Annaliz508281 said...

ye old ways are the best lol
Liz x (I'm thinking of doing the printmaking 1 next as I have fond memories from schooldays...)