Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Plate drawing

Mary Adam, Bread and plate, coloured pencil

The reason for doing this was to keep on drawing and to make the plate sit down flat on the cloth, so it's not very exciting. I used coloured pencils, my least favourite medium. I don't have a big selection, just a box of twelve from the supermarket and a set of five from the art shop that I've had for ages. Even with that I used very few colours, maybe five or six overall. The main place I couldn't get the colour right was the inside of the bread. I'm definitely not a colour pencil-ist but they're nice to have, it's a different kind of experience, slow and measured. I was surprised to find that they can be erased as long as the mark doesn't make a dent in the paper.


Anonymous said...

Interesting Mary. You say it "isn't exciting". Looking at it actually made me feel hungry so you've obviously 'excited' a response in my neural pathways.

Mary Adam said...

Thanks Catherine LOL