Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pakchoi screenprint

Mary Adam, Pakchoi, screenprint on 9 x 12" paper
The screens for this were made with drawing fluid and screen filler which is time consuming because of waiting for the screen to dry at each stage. I like the technique because it allows for some precision, and clean-up is fairly easy. It's not ideal for fine lines however and in fact this is the third try making this print, the first two fell by the wayside -- it's been going on for months! There won't be many prints left after editing but I'm pleased it has finally come into existence.

New wooden screen attached to desk with hinge clamps
I also want to correct some misinformation from a while back about the availability of wooden screens ( In fact wooden screens are still being made in the traditional way with a groove on the back to hold the cord which is used to stretch the fabric -- I got one recently from Dick Blick, along with a pair of heavyweight hinge clamps specially designed for screen printing. The clamps are fixed to the desk with screws and the wing nuts are adjustable to release the screen for cleaning. And the fabric can be changed at home.


The bike shed said...

I think they look great. I never got on with screen printing but it was so long ago - perhaps I should give it a try.

PS Just has it confirmed from OCA that my application for a painting and drawing APEL was accepted - so degree finally completed in full!

Mary Adam said...

Hi Mark -- thanks and congrats! Now on to life after distance learning ...

adam said...

you can easily get fine lines with a drafter's pen.