Saturday, November 12, 2011

Christmas cards

Mary Adam, three cards from an edition of nineteen
I thought I'd try to make my own cards this year and have almost finished. The design is from a drawing done at San Rafael in late August and is in seven colours, partly relief printed and partly screenprinted. The last colour is still to be done. They're printed on Strathmore 5 x 7" acid-free blanks. The card stock has a marked texture which I wasn't expecting but the ink went on smoothly without any problems. The thing is that I almost never send cards -- this year will be different because I made them myself . . . not sure it makes sense?


Unknown said...

I think a beautiful handmade print is much more meaningful than a commercial card. I would see giving these as more like a gift than a routine exchange of cards.

Mary Adam said...

That's true Eileen, hadn't thought of it like that. :)

The bike shed said...

Yes, it does make sense - a handmade gift, crafted with care is a worthwhile thing to send. Churning out 'best wishes' on mass produced images is amn entirely different thing.

Nana Louise Nielsen said...

I agree completely. SO personal and your cards look fantastic.